Target Covers and Decoy Covers


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The 3D Archery Target Tarp is designed to fit and protect your expensive target. 
  • Helps prevent fading and cracking
  • UV & Water resistant
  • Multiple tie downs to accommodate most models
  • 10.6 oz polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating

The Original Target Tarp is the only cover on the market that will accommodate most deer, goat, bighorn and antelope targets.
Its unique design allows it to fit almost every standing deer target on the market. This versatile cover will fit most 3D targets 45" long, chest to rear.
The adjustable opening allows easy on and off over the head and horns.

The 3D Target Tarp quickly converts to the "DECOY COVER" by adding the "Small Block" Target Tarp to conceal the head and horns. The camo set stores in its own stuff sack.

We also have Target Tarps designed for block type, bag, square, range and small game targets. There are six sizes available designed specifically to fit the most popular targets on the market. 

             Target Tarp, brushed in                                                          Camo Decoy Cover                                                                                               

Tarp in useTarget outside Small target tarp in use

Small and large block covers, bag covers, range covers. This line up also fits small game targets like turkey, fox, strutting turkey, raccoon, etc!!